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How to cope with pressure.

In our lives, we often face moments of pressure. This pressure may take form in several types of challenge(s):

  1. Lack of financial resources to cope with expenses.
  2. A decline in health which lowers our physical vitality.
  3. Limited time to accomplish a large number of tasks.
  4. Lack of a partner to help us accomplish our mission.
  5. Other…

At the time when we feel pressure, you may notice your own “fight or flight” responses kicking in. You might feel a sense of worry. Perhaps you may shut down entirely, unable to cope as you normally cope. You may not feel able to tackle the challenges of the world. At a time like this, the pressure then grows, rather than reduces.

I write this article to offer some simple and proven methods to cope with pressure more effectively.

If your pressure is at work, you might consider coping by doing the following:

  • Focus on what is most important right now.
  • Reduce pressure from computer tasks by taking breaks every hour.
  • Organize your desk to better cope with tasks.
  • Make sure to get time away from work to retain a sense of balance.

If your pressure is at home, consider coping with that pressure by:

  • Cleaning up your living space.
  • Organizing your living space.
  • Simplifying and/or eliminating clutter.
  • Asking children to take part in helping out.

You may notice that in both home and work situations, I suggested to organize and clean up your space. This is because we often let our space become messy and disorganized when we face high stress. This clutter increases the tension and makes it harder to succeed. By organizing our work space, we can work more effectively, whether at office or home.

In addition, I suggest you make time for exercise. When you feel pressure, your body may need exercise to release toxin and replenish healthy cells. Half of back pain may be cured simply through better oxygen flow through the body. So, if your challenge is health-related, consider ways to oxygenate your system (water, exercise, stretching, dancing, playing music, eating healthier, vitamin supplements, air, sunshine, etc.).

Make sure you breath in healthy air. If you breath healthy air, you can think better. Eat at regular times, smaller meals, throughout the day. This helps balance your system.

Last, tackle the objectives that will most likely reduce the pressure the most. For example, if the pressure on you feels like a financial challenge, consider what ways you can quickly pump more financial resources through your account to better handle these challenges. For me, that might be offering a new workshop or speaking in more places. What ways do you create financial freedom? Focus on the activities that give you the freedom you need and your pressure will be relieved.

Remember this above all else: almost all worry is unnecessary. If you instead focus on what you CAN DO in this moment, RIGHT NOW, you can relieve pressure and cope with the challenges at hand, almost every single time. I encourage you to do so, starting this very moment!


June 11, 2010 - Posted by | Personal Development

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