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A powerful People Skill

 A powerful and important people skill that will help you improve your relationships, and have people like you more, is showing empathy. Showing empathy means expressing understanding for what a person is going through. It shows that you care.

For Example. When someone bumps themselves on a corner of the desk. Don’t start telling them how they “must be careful next time and how lucky they were because the same thing happened to John last week and he got five stitches!” That’s not what they need to hear. And it might really frustrate them. Rather empathize and ask if they are OK. Say, “I know how sore that can be, I really feel for you. Can I get you some ice for that bump.”

This shows that you care and would preclude a conflict even if it was your fault.
For Example. If you had bumped into someone by mistake or knocked them over. Don’t say, “Didn’t you see me coming?” Its not what they need to hear at that moment. Rather say: “I’m so sorry, I nearly sent you flying. Are you ok?”

Let this skill make you more popular and liked, Shaun!

I have empathy for others
I can understand how others feel
I am popular and well-liked

Arnfried Klein-Werner
Motivator & CEO – Be Motivated Today


June 14, 2010 - Posted by | Be Motivated Today

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