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Choose Your Feelings.

As we live on, we cannot avoid experiences of loss. Even if you are being awaken and enlightened at the moment, still you will experience loss in your life. Even if you had infinite amount of money in the bank account, still you cannot avoid sad experiences. The reason is because we live in this physical world and the physical beings, materials, with no exception, go through cycles. It is natural for a physical being to depart us soon or later, and so do our bodies.

Important thing to remember is there is always mind (energy) over matters, and that energy lives forever. Energy is often called soul, love, or spirit as well. Or in many cultures it is also called god.

When I was small I encountered an eye opening event. My close friend’s mother died. He was handsome and athletic, and his smiles always made my days. Everybody knew that he was a mother’s boy. While he was away from school, I was wondering what to say to him and how I should say it when he would come back. I was hurt imagining what he was going through.

Several days later, he came back to school. He came late for the first class. When our teacher told us that he would be there, I had an anxiety attack and still didn’t know what to say or how to face him.. Then, he opened the door.

He opened the door with a big smile even with chuckles. That smile was even bigger than I ever saw anybody’s face before. He said, “Sorry, I am late..:-)”

It was a huge revelation to me. His smile gave us instant relieves. It was beyond my imagination how anybody could act like that right after such tragedy. Gradually I digested this situation. I learned from this incident that we don’t have to share all of our feelings, and probably nobody else would be able to share the same level of pain anyway. I also learned that losing someone can be a celebration of the person’s completion of fruitful life. Since that day, my biggest goal has been making the now moment the best moment in life. That way, I can smile when I depart this physical world. I want my loved ones to celebrate my completion of the fruitful life too.

We are given infinite number of choices in life. Sad things can happen to us, but we can always choose our feelings out of infinite possibilities. The event doesn’t have any meaning to it. It just happens. We are the one who attach the meaning to it.

I still clearly remember his huge smile that day. He was clearly not accepting self-pity in life. He didn’t need anybody’s consolation either.

In “The Secret”, Jack Canfield says “Bad things happen in life, but so what?” We have to have courage to say to oneself “So what?” when a sad thing happens. We also have to have courage to say to others the same.

We may be called as a “cold-blooded person”. Or that incident can be an extremely horrifying experience for that person. But I think it is OK. We just pray together for Love and opportunities to grow. This Universe would not give us any difficulties which we cannot overcome. By saying “So what?”, we are expressing our profound faith in that person’s ability to come out of it with grace.

With Divine Support, we will be OK because we are eternal beings just experiencing this Physical world.

By. Keiko


June 15, 2010 - Posted by | Personal Development

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