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Empowering Others to Shine From Within.

I used to be a ski instructor. A certified Ski Instructor by Ski Association of Japan (SAJ). I worked for a ski school at one of the most famous resorts, where the Winter Olympics took place in 1998. I skied for TV commercials, and ski magazines. I also acted as an Assistant Director when my mentor (Technical Delegate of SAJ who represented Japanese Ski Methodology at international conventions) directed and produced a series of educational TV shows with the Japanese national TV company (NHK).

I taught thousands of skiers, if not 10s of thousands, from complete beginners to black diamond advanced skiers. My teaching talent came very naturally maybe because my father used to be a school teacher. Or maybe because I was completely bored most of my childhood at school and was always in the imaginary world designing my own ideal educational philosophy. I guess I just applied that to my ski lessons, but retrospectively, it all makes sense even now.

For example, if I had 10 complete beginners in my group, I instantly analyzed each single student’s physical abilities, the quality of equipment, muscle powers, ambition level, and communication level. Then, I gave each single person customized assignments. I just stood in the middle of the slope and gave reviews and new assignments over and over again.

By doing this, what I could accomplish was enormous. Depending on the athletic ability and quality of equipment etc, one could do parallel at the end of the day (2 hour each in am and pm) while other could turn with plowing. Regardless of the level of the technical achievement, each single student could make most out of the day on the slope with joy of attaining their own maximum results.

It is challenging for the teachers or instructors to teach this way because they have to accurately, impartially analyze the students’ learning abilities and come up with unique solutions for each, but if they do so, the following can be accomplished.

1. No Comparison: Each has his/her unique abilities and pace. One can take 3 runs to learn one thing while another can take only 1 run to get it. Whatever they achieve is wonderful and everybody is happy not because they beat other people but they conquered their own unique challenges. This is based on Abundance Mentality. If we recognize Abundance in the Universe, there is no reason to compare the external performances. The variations brings Perfection to this Universe.

2. Self-Worth: Each experiences his/her own unique capacity. If they are not compared, nobody is left feeling unworthy by being compared with others. We are who we are not the performance by comparison. This way we can build confidence in being different and unique from others. From that vantage point, we can manifest Divine Creations.

3. Empowerment From Within: If each of us is happy and satisfied from within, we have enough room to celebrate other’s success as well. When we can celebrate other’s success, we feel more empowered. That’s how the Law of Rhythm works.

It may sound very basic, but we need to go back to basic when things get tough. I go back to basic on an easy slope when I lose touch in moguls.

We just need to empower ourselves from within to empower the world. As Within So Without. (The Law of Correspondence)

Keiko Marutani, MBA
Quantum Success Coach


June 15, 2010 - Posted by | Personal Development

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