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Enjoy the Process

In this fierce competition oriented society, we tend to look for the answers outside. Sometimes we try to conquer our sense of inferiority by winning over other people in the scale defined by the society or someone else. The result is, most of the time, not what we expect.

In order for us to overcome the sense of inferiority, we have to achieve the sense of superiority. Achieving something better than other people is not really the answer for our quest. As soon as we arrive in the place we dreamed of, we will see more people even higher above that level as long as your satisfaction stems from comparison.

Yes, we can continue pursuing higher place, and it’s natural for us to do so. We are part of the Universe which is always expanding in an exponentinal speed.

We realize that such senses of superiority and inferiority are actually the same thing. Neither of them really can offer us a peace place to be. So, we need to focus on what brings us the true sense of joy, satisfaction or bliss, or even all in one.

When we start making a decision to enjoy the process of whatever we are doing or not doing, not choosing to compare your achievement with someone else’s, that is the time we discover the true sense of victory. That self-content feeling will even help us celebrate other people’s successes just like our own. We don’t need to finght for anything any longer in such world.

By. Keiko


June 15, 2010 - Posted by | Personal Development

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