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Power Questions.

Every word you say creates your realities.

Every question we ask forms who we really are.

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When I participated in a business seminar back in 2004, the instructor said this to us first thing in the class:

“In this course, I would not accept questions and complaints. If you have any, deal with them yourself.”

Instantly, I thought that this young instructor was avoiding complex questions because he may not be able to answer those. Also I assumed that he was not so familiar with running big seminars, and therefore he needed to protect himself from complaints.

I was wrong!!

Over the following 3 days, I had to deal with my own questions and complaints without any choice. On the first day, my head was filled with questions and complaints… complaints of not being able to ask them questions, for being forced with this unreasonable policy and etc.

However, like it or not, by placing myself in such an awkward position, I started to realize that the policy was the most profound lesson for life I ever received in years.

First, when you are trying to answer your questions, you realize that almost all questions you come up with can be answered by yourself. Either the answer has been already provided, is accessible in the resource you already have, easy to answer yourself, or it makes no difference if you know the answer or not.

Second, when you prohibit yourself from complaining to others, you start looking for something to be grateful for because that is the only way you can interact with others. Then, you can acknowledge how lucky you are, and how much effort and energy were provided by others.

During that 3-day seminar, I expanded so much. When you try to find answers yourself, without just throwing questions to others, you will learn so much in the process. You will know that you know more than you know. Now I understand that only quality questions should be asked and such questions will empower both parties.

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Are you giving Power Questions to the person you are talking to?

Are you raising yourself by asking Power Questions?

Or, are you pulling down yourself and the person you are talking to with unworthy questions?

Are you trusting yourself having unlimited potentials?

Or do you chat for the sake of chatting?

Everyone is Powerful beyond measure.

Keiko Marutani, MBA
Quantum Success Coach


June 15, 2010 - Posted by | Personal Development

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