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What does having a success mindset mean?


Having a success mindset, means that you have an absolute certainty (you have no doubt) and you expect to be successful in every facet of your life: personal, career, marriage, family, finances, material possessions and friendships. In other words, in your heart and mind, you are absolutely certain that you can and will succeed in every one of these areas.

It also means that you think big (Much happiness, great wealth, big achievements).

You don’t have a dustbin-mentality (a belief that your life is always tough and you can never achieve anything), but a success mentality.

You live with your mind constantly tuned to a success frequency. You only think that you will succeed at everything that you attempt. When someone suggests that you may fail you wonder where they come from, because for you everything is possible.

Start believing that you will succeed.

I have an absolute certainty that I will be successful
I always think big
I succeed at everything I attempt

With Fond Regards

Arnfried Klein-Werner
Motivator & CEO – Be Motivated Today

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Regards. Shaun Douglas


June 25, 2010 - Posted by | Be Motivated Today

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