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How to Harness Ideas for Your Prosperity.

ast week I suggested that there is a spiritual substance all around us that can be manifested into prosperity, and that to do this involved raising your consciousness.  The next post I went farther and said you do this through the power of ideas.  Let’s explore this deeper…

Mark thought I must be smoking the good stuff and suggested that my premise was flawed.  He cited the example of medieval people and how they were busy all day simply with survival needs and certainly couldn’t just use positive thinking or raising their consciousness to manifest prosperity.  But is that really true?

Let’s take a look…

I’m writing this aboard a Boeing 757 aircraft stretched out in the First Class cabin, dining on Parmesan-crusted chicken breast and ice cream sundaes with a 30 channel entertainment system.   Now I think we’d all agree, those folks in Medieval times probably weren’t imagining or visualizing they could be travel in this manner.

But the raw materials to make every component of this aircraft were available, even back then.  But no one had that idea, because they needed to have some other ideas first.  Ideas like creating steel, harnessing electricity, man being able to fly, and a host of others.

Those ideas came over a period of centuries as man’s consciousness developed.  But that is the process that took place.

Do you realize in our lifetime, we will likely be able to take a vacation to the moon, buy a condo on the bottom of the ocean with a beautiful coral reef view and transplant (or re-grow) arms and legs?  All through the power of ideas.

Now let’s talk practical application, for someone struggling to manifest prosperity right now.  For example Jay, who came to one of my prosperity classes.  He’s a nurse working at a government hospital.  It’s a civil service position and he’s at the highest pay level, so he told me that ideas won’t work for him; he can’t even get a raise.  So he said that my premise was false.

Then I asked him what was stopping him from going into business for himself, and opening up a home health care service.  And not just any service, but the best one!  One that guaranteed the most comprehensive, pampering home health care available anywhere.

Imagine if you’re Bill Gates, Richard Branson or some other very wealthy individual and you got ill.  Wouldn’t you be willing to pay whatever it took to get the very best healthcare for you or a loved one?

So what was the difference between what Jay said and what I said?  An idea.

So I’ll say it again.  No one has a money shortage.  What they really have is an idea shortage.

By Randy Gage

Regards. Shaun Douglas.


June 28, 2010 - Posted by | Personal Development

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